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quarta-feira, 30 de setembro de 2009


The Second International Conference on Science Matters
October 5-7, 2009, Estoril, Portugal

Arts & Science


Science Matters (SciMat) is the new discipline that treats all human-dependent matters as part of science. SciMat includes all the topics covered in humanities and social sciences, arts in particular. This conference features discussions on literature, painting/fine art, music, movie and performing arts from the perspective of SciMat, while contributions on other topics of SciMat are welcome. The conference will bring together experts from the arts and sciences, to find out how each other’s work is performed and to exchange ideas. Hopefully, mutual understanding will be achieved and collaboration across disciplines will result, with the aim to raise the scientific level of all the disciplines.

1. Beltran, Leonor (Portugal) Art, human beings, God and science
2. Burguete, Maria (Portugal) ChemArt: Chemistry and art
3. Curado, Manuel (Portugal) Scientists, our Greek slaves
4. Hogan, Patrick (USA) On the origin of literary narrative and its relation to adaptation
5. Hoppe, Brigitte (Germany) The Latin "artes" and the origin of modern "arts"
6. Liu, Bing (China) Science and art in China
7. Ngai, Linsen (USA) Linsen's art
8. Onians, John (UK) Neuroarthistory: Reuniting ancient traditions in a new scientific approach to the understanding of art
9. Robin, Nicolas (Germany) Drawing from life: knowledge, aesthetic and the discovery of the nature of 18th century cryptogams.
10. Sanitt, Nigel (UK) Objects in science and art.
11. Schneider, Ivo (Germany) The development of science theater
12. Wu, Guo-Sheng (China) Science and art: A philosophical perspective

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